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Young Singer


What I really like about Arden is that she gives me “physical visuals” that really help me to understand the concept she is communicating. Arden has such an encouraging energy that is contagious… and she is so patient and understanding.

Lauren Grieve

Advanced High School and College


Arden pushes her students, knowing what they are capable of and what they can strive to be. She works quickly, wasting no time, and is unconditionally supportive of her students.

Arden helped me navigate my way through my college auditions and she more than prepared me for every one of them. It is because of her unrelenting mentorship that I am now attending the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University for a BM in Vocal Performance.

I would recommend Arden’s studio to anyone who truly loves to sing. She will diligently and selflessly work alongside anyone with a passion for voice.

Caroline Flett

BM Music, Class of 2017
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

Arden Sugarman has, without a doubt, helped me become the singer and actress I am today. Before studying with Arden, I had no vocal training whatsoever, or any knowledge of how to use my instrument, or voice. And at the age of fourteen, I was about to enter MSA’s Musical Theater program and was extremely nervous to sing in front of an audience. This was mostly because I felt as if I wasn’t vocally strong or confident enough. However, within a short amount of time, through her valuable techniques, Arden taught me how to produce a sound that was my own. This gave me that much-needed confidence.

Not only did she prepare me for unknown material, Arden became a voice of reason. Whether it pertained to a song I was performing, or a monologue I was preparing, Arden never failed to offer me rock-solid advice and critiques that strengthened each piece. If you are a student desiring to work with one of the best vocal teachers, Arden Sugarman is my top pick.

Mia Klenk

MSA, Theater Class of 2015
SRJC, AA 2017 Theatre, Elementary Education

Over my years with Arden, my voice has expanded to notes I never even considered attempting to sing and that I couldn’t have reached without her.

One thing that I think is very important and unique about Arden is her compassion – she is truly the type of person that everyone deserves to have in his or her life.

Sara Packer

Occidental College, Class of 2018
Marin School of the Arts – Theatre, Class of 2014

Arden instilled in me a love of performing, a love of precision, and a joy of singing.

Elizabeth Hertzberg, Former Student, 1999-2006

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, B.M. 2011

I came to Arden looking to build a repertoire and develop my voice to help me thrive at Marin School of the Arts. I wanted to expand my range and have a binder full of songs I could pull out and perform at any moment (both of which I ultimately achieved).

Through fun, but hard work, I watched my range slowly expand high and low, and saw monumental changes in the technique and professional qualities my voice came to develop. I gained an unexpected confidence not only in my voice, but also in myself. I watched myself grow as not only a performer and singer, but as a person. While Arden started as just a vocal coach, she came to be a mentor, supporter, cheerleader, and friend.

While I no longer will be having weekly lessons with Arden since I am going off to college, I know that I will be forever grateful for all she has done for me, and helped me discover about myself. I actually wish I could have a real Pocket Arden to meet, sing and talk with every week because I sure will miss the lessons that came to be the best part of my week.

I just hope that anyone deciding whether or not to study with Arden makes the same decision I did, because I would not be the singer, performer, or person I am today if it weren’t for Arden Sugarman. I give her an 11 out of 10!

Lindsey Russell

Class of 2015 Marin School of the Arts
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Class of 2019

Absolutely lovely! Arden empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace my voice. She has a talent for recognizing a student’s struggles along with personalizing a unique structure to enhance one’s artistic potential. Arden has helped me find the courage and confidence in my vocal training. She continues to challenge me as an artist and as a student. Arden is truly a sincere and lovable soul that wants her students to thrive: not only will she be your biggest fan; she will act as a rock in your artistic journey. After leaving Sugarman Vocal Studio, you will feel stronger, sharper, and more determined.

Peyton Victoria

Santa Rosa Junior College, 2016
Gender and Women’s Studies
Read about Peyton in ‘Prelude to a Kiss’

Pre-Professional Singer


Arden has taught me an incredible amount over the past four years that I have been studying with her. She is my brilliant mentor, unending inspiration, and caring friend all wrapped up in one. She has shown me that singing is a delicate balance between control and letting go, between following an established technique and trusting your own voice. I think of these as not only integral lessons on how to become a successful vocal musician, but also on how to become a successful person. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with Arden and for the pure joy that she brings to every lesson!

Gena Madory

M.A. (Education) with Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and Bilingual Authorization, Stanford University, 2016

B.A. (Spanish Literature) with Latina/o Concentration, Kenyon College, 2014

Arden Sugarman is an extraordinary voice teacher. Without her instruction, insight and unflagging support, I would not now be progressing so swiftly and surely along the path to a professional operatic career. She draws on her extensive professional background and innate sensitivity to bolster and steady her students through the challenges of competition and performance.

Arden will unfailingly turn every experience- no matter the outcome- into an opportunity for her students to grow as singers. She is, beyond doubt, the most selfless and encouraging teacher I have ever met.

During my time in her studio, her approach systematically eliminated the unnecessary tension in my sound production, focused my voice, unified my range and improved all aspects of my over-all performance product.

…because her approach to teaching voice recognizes both individual skill levels and a student’s individual aspirations, singers of every age and caliber will further their goals, develop their skills and blossom under Arden’s tutelage.

Bryn Aratyr Jimenez, Soprano

Avocational Adult



Arden is such a wonderful voice teacher. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and kind. After many years without singing, I wanted to give it a try again when I retired, and really did not know if I would be able to produce any sort of decent sound. Arden was recommended to me by my previous voice teacher, and I feel so lucky to have found her. She helped me “get back in the saddle” and I am now singing again. I never leave a lesson without having gained something positive to help my singing… a mental trick, a spirit uplift or a physical improvement of some sort.

Susan Simpson

Marin County, July 2015


Professional Singer


Through Arden’s excellent mentorship I have taken my singing to the next level. With her guidance I discovered increased range and much more ease, for the first time making fast, agile musical passages attainable.

Arden has a wealth of knowledge about healthy singing technique and a great ear for correcting problems. She is positive, resourceful, organized, and committed to her students in every way.

I highly recommend Arden for any student interested in making their singing easier, healthy, and more polished.

Kyla Knox

MM (Vocal Performance), Moores School of Music, University of Houston, 2014

…Arden is the consummate professional. I have learned so much from her and I love her approach to the music, the technique, and the students. I am privileged to have been her student.

In Arden, you have a partner — a highly skilled professional who will meet you in that mysterious world of your voice and explore every corner of it with you. At every lesson, she meets you exactly where you are and helps you to grow from there. And she has that rare ability to make you feel like you are the only person on the planet when she is with you!

Illana Zauderer Parker

Stanford U., BA Music and Voice

Excellent voice teacher! Arden Sugarman, in my opinion, is an absolute top-notch, professional voice teacher. The foundation she’ll teach any student will allow them to choose whatever style they’d like to sing and then dive into it with full confidence that they’ll have the knowledge and experience to do it really well. (If they PRACTICE, of course!) Even though the bulk of my professional singing career has been in rock music, I would not be able to sing the wide variety of styles I do without having had vocal training similar to the caliber Arden offers. I send my kids to her without hesitation and I think she’s the best. Two thumbs way up!

Brette Stranne, RIP 1958-2011

(a.k.a. Bret Douglas: as lead singer for progressive-rock band Cairo’s three albums http://www.cairoplanet.com/ and lead/background vocals on eight other internationally-released albums, as well as numerous studio and live engagements worldwide)

Professional Voice User/Orator


Arden is an extraordinary teacher. I initially came to see her to develop a better speaking voice. I never thought of myself as a singer, but with Arden’s exquisite technical assistance and encouragement I discovered I can sing! Each lesson is geared to my needs and musical interests. I always learn something new, and Arden supports and challenges me to just the right degree. The lessons are always a pleasure, and Arden unfailingly lifts my spirits.

Lisa Ferguson




Arden Sugarman has been the most incredible influence on my daughter in many ways… She has coached her vocal abilities so beautifully… Arden heard the potential in her voice and knew exactly how to bring her voice to blossom.

Lora Dinga (Phoebe Dinga’s mom)

Chelsea says: “Arden makes the process fun and she works so quickly. I love that about her. She wastes no time and we can cover so much ground just when I really need to.

Riley says: “Arden makes me feel very comfortable and made my transition back into singing easy and enjoyable. I have made so much progress in such a short amount of time.

You will always be a special part of helping them strive toward their artistic goals, Arden.

Deborah O’Flynn (Chelsea and Riley’s mom)

Arden is professional, focused, and positive…always. Arden helped Rae select her audition pieces, and her coaching was key to Rae winning the Beach Blanket Babylon vocal scholarship, as well as her acceptance into a prestigious musical theater program with a talent scholarship. We recommend Arden without hesitation.

Evelyn and Nick Davoren (Rae Davoren’s parents) October, 2010

Arden took a shy girl with a quiet voice, and transformed her into a soloist. Arden has been an amazing teacher, but also a mentor to a teenager emerging into young adulthood.

Cindy Klinkman (Andrea and Monika’s mom)

Arden is professional, pleasant to work with and is exceptionally supportive. With Arden’s coaching, my daughter obtained a vocal talent scholarship from Chapman University.

Gina Friedman (Gianna’s Mom)

There are teachers and vocal coaches out there…..and then there is Arden. My son Josh studied with Arden during his four years at Marin School of the Arts. He always had a strong voice….a blank canvas, if you will, for Arden to work with. The first time I dropped in to attend a lesson I was in tears. I could not believe what I heard! At his senior recital a few months ago I had so many parents and students come up to compliment me on how amazing his voice was. Those kudos are for Arden! Lastly, in a few weeks Josh will be off to pursue his BFA in Musical Theater at one of his top college choices. With a freshman class of just 15, the competition was fierce! I honestly do not believe Josh would be one of the lucky 15 without the coaching and guidance and love and nurturing he received from Arden over the years. And yes, sometimes a kick in the pants. She is worth every penny. Every hour of practice. And she genuinely cares about each and every student. She wants to be the first to get the college audition de-briefs, and tears up when her students move on. Thank you Arden! When Josh earns his first Tony we will all be thanking YOU!!!!!!

Karyn Scott (Joshua’s Mom)

Music Professional and Teacher


Arden Sugarman has an uncanny ability to demystify the vague subject of vocal pedagogy and to present it in a way that is so engaging and personal, students hardly realize that they are receiving pre-conservatory and conservatory-level musical training. …not a soul walks out of a lesson with Arden without improving as a vocalist, a musician, and as an individual.

Carl Oser, Musician, Educator

BA Music (Jazz Voice) University of Southern California, Class of 2011

If I have a student who is serious about music and wants to improve his/her technique and musicality, Arden is always my first recommendation. My high school students who have studied with her have gained so much.

Emily Gates, Music Teacher

San Marin High School

Arden’s teaching artfully combines skill, experience, knowledge and understanding. Her support for her students and her belief in them is unwavering, and the results she gets range from terrific to brilliant.

John Boyajy, Concert Pianist and Teacher

B. Mus., M.S. The Juilliard School