Sugarman Vocal Studio Policies & Requirements

Our focus is always to ensure that our students receive the best in private instruction. When the criteria below are met, Arden is able to help each singer attain his or her highest possible level of vocal production. Arden is passionate about teaching and singing, and she wants to share the joy of singing with you.

  • Steadfast attendance at weekly lessons

  • Daily practice time of a minimum of 45 minutes, with no distractions

  • Study will include: vocal technique; classical vocal repertoire; music theory; International Phonetic Alphabet; stage deportment and etiquette

  • Lessons are private; experience has shown that this practice helps to develop independence and self-confidence in the developing singer

  • SVS voice and music study is primary extra-curricular activity

  • Tuition is paid monthly to reserve your individual weekly session

  • Cancellations for illness are the only acceptable reason to miss your weekly session. If you are ill, or suspect you are becoming ill, cancel your lesson immediately. Do not wait “…to see” if you will be feeling better. You will not be charged for an illness cancellation. Students who arrive in the studio with symptoms of illness will be asked to leave, and will be charged for that lesson.