Lessons at SVS

The Initial Lesson includes an assessment of your speaking voice, posture, and personal goals, and will give you a clear idea of what lessons at SVS offer. I teach acoustic vocal production, with a focus on classical art songs, musical theatre and standards. Breath management and music theory are also integral to our ongoing work. You will find recorded vocal exercises on the For Students page. We will work together to choose repertoire that is inspiring as well as challenging.

My goals for you include:

  • Healthy and expressive speech and singing that is consistent and reliable
  • An intimate knowledge of your voice and vocal production
  • Confidence with music theory; fluency in reading music
  • Reaching, surpassing your personal goals

“Dreams are messages sent by talent.”

Barbara Sher,

The inspiration to open your mouth and sing comes from deep within. If you find yourself in a Vocal Studio ready to take instruction, you more-than-likely belong there.

“Singing is sustained speech.”

Arden Sugarman Eliopoulos, M.A.

From the moment you wake up, “warming-up” your voice is possible. Conscious breathing, and awareness of your spoken “optimal pitch level,” means you’re off to a good start! I help you adopt a practice regimen that is realistic and easily integrated into your daily life.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde, poet and playwright

An important part of this journey is the discovery of your unique and authentic sound. To this end, I encourage students toward an examined life- one of introspection- in whatever manner works best for you.