SVS for Parents

As a singer, educator and mother, Arden discovered that her three life’s passions WERE dependent upon one another. She found that the joys of performing on the professional stage, teaching, and raising her two sons, are not mutually exclusive. Her many years of experience in all three have led to her well-documented success in the vocal studio. We understand that agreed-upon goals, transparent communication among teacher, student and parents, and clear, organized and concise tutelage, contribute to a successful outcome for the student. SVS offers an appropriate professional environment, which enthusiastically partners with parents as they support their child’s goals and passions.

Welcome to Sugarman Vocal Studio, Parents of School-Age Students!

One of my particular joys is the privilege of teaching a young singer how to discover and develop the gift of song made from their own internal instrument. It doesn’t take long to unveil what lies within, and the journey to that discovery is beautiful and exciting. A commitment to weekly voice lessons, daily practice of a minimum of 45 minutes and healthy personal habits, leads to healthy, beautiful and expressive singing.

Students accepted for study will develop their musicianship, music theory, vocal skills, comfort in multiple genres and their love for singing. Along with an intimate knowledge of their own voice and vocal production, students also learn how to become their own best self-monitor.

Customized pre-vocalizing and vocal exercises, tailor-made to suit your child’s range, strengths and challenges, further their vocal mastery. Students have private access to a wide variety of MP3s and other learning resources that are on the student section of the website available only to enrolled students.

Parents of current and former students tell me that I provide the training necessary to help their child stand out when needed. They say that I am not just a voice teacher, but that I help their child develop skills beyond voice building, affording the opportunity for more than just average vocal study, and that they are delighted with the investment they made in committing to serious study.

As a parent myself, with forty-plus years of experience in the private vocal studio, and five years as a sixth-grade classroom teacher, I understand the importance of helping students maintain curiosity and motivation while learning.

Organized, professional and energetic, I am demanding, yet caring, serious, yet kind and understanding. I get to know my students’ learning styles, catering to each, crafting a personal curriculum that meets individual needs. In addition to working on song production, I also help students with monologues, speeches and special uses of the voice for theatre.

Excellent results are shown in the number of SVS students who are cast in leading roles with local, regional and professional productions of theatre, musical theatre and opera. Several have been finalists and winners in the formerly-annual Beach Blanket Babylon Scholarship for the Arts in Voice, Acting and Dance.

Current and former students have matriculated in undergraduate and graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, NYU/Tisch, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Moores School of Music, University of Houston, Chapman University, Emerson College, Boston Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Kenyon College, and many others.

SVS students have participated in many summer programs, as well, including: MPulse, Arts Bridge, SongFest, CAP21, Hawai’i Performing Arts Festival, Marin Summer Theater, Tanglewood, ArtsBridge, and CHERUBS.