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Students who study at Sugarman Vocal Studio are treated to the best in classical vocal training. By combining her love for speech and song, her enthusiasm in music making and her love of people, with her insightful and skilled teaching methods, Master Teacher Arden Sugarman brings out the best in you and your voice.

Find Yourself

at SVS

Young Singer (11-14 years)

The young singer, approximately ages 11-14, may or may not have had previous vocal training, performance and stage experience. What young singers at SVS have in common is an enthusiasm and energetic curiosity to learn. Those criteria are more important to acceptance for study at SVS than talent.

The young singer quickly learns the process of voice lessons, and what it means to be a committed student at SVS. Arden provides printed materials and online access to recorded instructions and vocal exercises. The student is told how to practice, what to practice, and why they are working on specific exercises.

Arden’s methods and techniques are quickly assimilated through weekly lessons, consistent practice, and ongoing communication among the student, the parents and the teacher. Parents often say that beyond the superior vocal instruction she provides, Arden is an important part of their child’s education, integrating and introducing thoughtful consideration of life and social skills into her tutelage.

Repertoire and song choices go hand-in-hand with the development of the young voice. Arden carefully chooses and builds each student’s repertoire, which depends on both the challenges and the strengths of the student. Input from the student is welcomed, but Arden requires the study of classical vocal literature from each singer.

Advanced High School and College (15-18 years)

The Advanced Singer, ages 15-18, has had several years of study, and understands the commitment involved in the serious study of the vocal instrument. Talent is not the primary criteria for this category of student, nor is the desire to pursue a professional career in performance. Arden is equally invested in all of her students who have been accepted for study at SVS.

Arden’s skills and many years of experience, as well as her insightful methods and empathy, contribute to her success with this age group. She understands the complexities involved in growing to maturity during the teenage years, as well as the necessity for careful and conscious development of the teenager’s voice. As the body develops, and with the many hormonal and biological changes that occur during this time, it is essential that the serious teenage singer have the best vocal training.

Weekly lessons combine technical work, repertoire study, and theory and musicianship. Arden tailors the curriculum for each student according to their level of vocal control and stamina, as well as through determining strengths and challenges, which is an ongoing evaluation.

Preparation for auditions, role-study, summer program and college auditions are an ongoing part of developing the Advanced Singer. In addition, students learn how to work with other professionals- coaches, accompanists, directors and other teachers.

Pre-Professional Singer (19-24 years)

The pre-professional student continues to refine and develop their vocal instrument. Vocal exercises grow increasingly complex during this time of study, with more specific skill sets added, as mastery is achieved. Increased breath control and stamina allows for longer lines in legato passage work; mastery of proper support and fluid breathing frees the voice for fioratura and coloratura singing; expressivity is refined as the proper alignment between text and sung lines is achieved.

Students are now more fluent in reading music, and their musical vocabulary has reached a more sophisticated level, commensurate with their vocal ability. Arden has worked with many singers in preparation for graduate studies, as well as vocal certification programs such as ATCL , along with the many auditions necessary for university/college matriculation, summer programs, YAPS (Young Artist Programs), and opera and musical theatre performance auditions.

Students at this age are still “finding” their true sound, refining their genre choices and pushing forward with performance opportunities that are local, regional and international. It is expected that by now, the pre-professional singer has developed a consistent practice regimen that allows them to self-monitor and maintain a reliable and high standard of vocal production.

Avocational Adult

Arden has many adult singers in her studio who are professionals in other fields, but are passionate about singing or learning to sing. Perhaps you are not sure, but have always wanted to see if you could better your vocal instrument. Perhaps you have been singing your entire life in choirs or choruses, and have specific areas you feel need improvement. Perhaps you are thinking that now you are ready for a solo, having been an ensemble singer. There is a place for you at SVS!

After assessing your needs, strengths and challenges, Arden partners with you to determine the best course of study. Novice adults are often struck by the many exciting challenges presented in weekly lessons. But this is a fun experience and quickly becomes an act of happy dedication to something new.

For the returning student, who may have studied in the past, it is often refreshing to discover that you still have the “chops” to sing, the honed adult intellect to raise your level of musical literacy, and the energy for a new passion in your life. Arden enjoys her work with this group of singers tremendously, and has been successful at meeting their needs so that they may achieve their individual goals.

Professional Singer

The professional singer has a secure place for continued growth and development as an artist at SVS. Arden supports her professional students toward greater and more refined mastery. She provides a working environment for ongoing self-discovery and renewed vigor, while working within the many demands of the profession.

Whether undertaking the task of getting a new role “into the voice,” building a recital from the ground-up, preparing for a vocal competition or accreditation program, or readying for a concert or performance, professional students have unflagging partnership in the process. Arden’s uncanny ability to match students with appropriate song and repertoire choices often adds the final “right” touch on the creative venture.

Professional Voice User/Orator

Lawyers, judges, psychiatrists, therapists, teachers and authors are among current and former students on the roster at SVS. Through Arden’s guidance, these students submit that they have improved the quality, range, stamina, expressivity, comfort and ease of use of their voices in their personal and professional lives.

Many people, who depend upon having their speaking voice ever ready to represent their best selves, have elicited Arden’s help. When faced with vocal fatigue, monotone production, loss and lack of strength, and confusion as to how to properly and best employ their voice on a daily basis, these students have said that through Arden’s teaching and vocal exercises, they have improved significantly and noticeably.

Methods to find balance in one’s daily life, while integrating healthy vocal production as a daily practice, are fundamental to Arden’s work. Taking into careful consideration the demands on the professional person’s time and energy, Arden masterfully crafts a practice regimen that is attainable, with excellent results.

Realize Your Potential

at SVS

My passion is to make YOU your own best self-monitor. We achieve this together. Consistent lessons guarantee improved control, stamina, range and mastery of your unique sound; you will learn to sing with ease, fluidity, and a full range of artistic and dynamic expression.

Recording your session helps you to listen reflectively to our work together, which helps you to practice effectively. It is my job to ferret out that which doesn’t work, and lead you away from bad habits. If you are a novice, we have the opportunity to work together to discover your true voice and realize your fullest potential. If you are an experienced singer, we work together to polish and beautify your sound, bringing you to higher professional mastery.

Your study of music theory will go hand-in-hand with technical vocal studies and growing repertoire. Using supplementary materials, you will apply what you learn as you study new repertoire. If you are already an advanced musician, or a fluent reader, your skills will be further honed as we explore appropriate music that challenges you.

Customized pre-vocalizing and vocal exercises, tailor-made to suit your range, strengths and challenges, further your vocal mastery. As a student of SVS, you have access to a wide variety of MP3s that are on a private section of the website available only to continuing students. Your needs are met as I create exercises to challenge you to new levels of vocal expression.

You want to sing well, with a healthy, focused sound. You want to feel comfortable in performance, knowing that you may rely on your instrument to be there when you need it. You want to express yourself artistically, moving others with a full range of artistic expression.

You have come to the right place at the right time. I am here to guide you and support you, mentor you, and provide precise instruction that is achievable and realistic for your unique voice.