What Happens In The Studio

A picture is worth a thousand words…


Peek into SVS and see Arden at work with various students!


Working with Joshua Schussler

Conservatory-level training and all it entails, leads to an understanding of the value and the rewards of serious and dedicated study.

Students at SVS learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) while singing in multiple languages. They analyze what it means to stylize and phrase a sung line, nuancing phrases depending upon the genre and the language in which they are singing.


Working with Gena Madory

Vocal exercises are always a part of the singer’s daily practice, no matter how advanced one is. The refinement just grows, and the exercises can be expanded to push growth and provide new challenges.

Even the college graduate, who has studied for years, learns that study is an ongoing lifelong pursuit. The process deepens over time, and artistry develops.


Working with Julia Schulman

The young singer commences lessons with the basics of vocal technique. They are motivated and encouraged to explore many ways to use and “play” their unique instrument.


Working with Laura Tennant

It is a joy to help an adult find their true instrument, and also to learn to read the language of music. For many, it has been a lifelong dream!


Working with Lindsey Russell

Vocal exercises address many parts of our body, and lead to an understanding of how it is we control our voice.

Healthy vocal technique enables the young female singer to utilize both head register and a legitimate “belt.”

High School Seniors

College Audition Prep

Emma Palace, Danny Eggert, Delaney Flanagan

Natalie Esperance