Team SVS


You are here because you love to sing, and desire to reach people through song. You are interested in achieving more from your instrument, making sure you are singing with excellent, repeatable habits.

My job is to make YOU your own best self-monitor. We achieve this together. Weekly lessons, or at the very least, consistent lessons, guarantee improved control, stamina, range and mastery of your unique sound. You will learn to sing with ease, fluidity, and a full range of artistic and dynamic expression.

You leave each private voice lesson with a recording of your session that gives you the opportunity to listen reflectively to our work together, and practice that which is correct. It is my job to ferret out that which doesn’t work, and lead you away from bad habits. If you are a novice, we have the opportunity to work together to discover your true voice and realize your fullest potential. If you are an experienced singer, we work together to polish and beautify your sound, bringing you to higher professional mastery.

Your study of music theory will go hand-in-hand with technical vocal studies and growing repertoire. Using supplementary materials, you will apply what you learn as you study new repertoire. If you are already an advanced musician, or a fluent reader, your skills will be further honed as we explore appropriate music that challenges you.

Customized pre-vocalizing and vocal exercises, tailor-made to suit your range, strengths and challenges, further your vocal mastery. As a student in my Studio, you have access to a wide variety of MP3s that are on a private section of my website available only to continuing students. Your needs continue to be met as I create exercises to challenge you to new levels of vocal expression.

You want to sing well, with a healthy, focused sound. You want to feel comfortable in performance, knowing that you may rely on your instrument to be there when you need it. You want to express yourself artistically, creating sounds that move others and allow you full range of artistic expression. And, you want to create a beautiful sound that is free from vocal problems.

You have come to the right place at the right time. I am here to guide you and support you, mentor you,and provide precise instruction that is achievable and realistic for your unique voice.