Kyla Knox

Kyla Knox
has had a very busy and successful summer first attending the four week 2011 Opera Works Advanced Artist Program in Los Angeles and then touring Guatemala with a Santa Cruz based group called the Santiago Players, bringing an array of newly composed chamber music and opera to different cultural centers, as well as teaching master classes for underprivileged youth musicians in poor communities.
This fall she will be in the chorus of the Lamplighter’s Gilbert and Sullivan production of The Gondoliers which will run in January.
When asked about how she has achieved such success, she said “Well of course you have to be diligent about practicing. Consistency is key. But after the program I attended this summer called Opera Works, I changed the way I thought about auditions. I stopped caring what a person thought of me when I was auditioning, and stopped comparing myself to other sopranos I was competing against. What any one person brings to the table is completely their own. No one can replace you because what you give to music and character is 100% unique. If I’m mint chip ice cream and that company is looking for chocolate, then they aren’t going to pick me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good. And I think that attitude has made the process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun!”

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